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The Recipe


 If you got discouraged, please read through, because it is not only about the picture you see below.




Besides various crystals and gemstones, of course, natural healing is achieved via the intake of nutritious foods, and SOURCE has provided an uncountable plethora of valuable fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc. from which we derive vitamins and minerals.

One of the most immune strengthening “potions”, especially in cold weather, is made from grapefruit and lemon and when made correctly, it can produce what nutritional research scientists are calling a type of natural “quinine”.

Here is the recipe:

1.) Obtain three large organic grapefruits and six large organic lemons.

2.) Place the fruit in a large bowl and wash it thoroughly with purified water.

3.) Remove the peeling from each of the pieces of fruit, and cut the peelings into chunks.

4.) Place the chunks in a large pot; cover with spring water; bring the mixture to a boil; then turn down the heat and allow the mixture to simmer for three hours.

5.) After three hours, add a half-teaspoon of ginger; stir; and after the mixture cools, pour it into a large glass container and store it in the refrigerator.

6.) Drink a cup of this cool mixture daily. If desired, it can be warmed.

7.) The liquid from the fruit after the peeling has been removed makes a delicious grapefruit/lemonade in warm weather. Add a bit of organic honey if desired for this drink and chunks of ice. A sprig of peppermint on the side of the glass is a lovely creative touch.

Add a straw and enjoy.

Metaphysically, this potion is a powerful healer for the second chakra (“Svadvisthana”—the creative frequency) and the third chakra (“Manipura-“–our willpower). The gemstones recommended for these two energy centers are: AMBER, CITRINE, YELLOW SAPPHIRE, ORANGE SAPPHIRE, GOLDEN TIGER’S EYE, YELLOW CALCITE, and ORANGE CALCITE.

It is still important to take daily doses of Vitamin “C”, Vitamin “D3”, and Zinc for immune strength as well as Elderberry syrup and Pine Needle extract.

A good vitamin/mineral supplement (which further contains the necessary “B” vitamins, calcium, magnesium, etc.) can be obtained from a reputable health food store or from a Naturopathic Physician or also a traditional Medical Physician who is naturopathic in his or her treatment regimen.

Sometimes people argue that chemical medications are made from plants. However, what they fail to state, perhaps because they do not know, is that a process of removal of the natural “life force” is done in laboratories that develop chemical medications.

They have horrible side effects.

For instance, blood pressure lowering drugs eventually damage the kidneys.

People who take such drugs find themselves using the bathroom quite a bit and when this occurs, vital minerals are removed from the body through the urine. Often people who have damaged kidneys have to have dialysis treatments.

The chemicals in these treatments are also toxic and can cause further depletion of the physical body.

Also, more heart irregularities can occur with blood pressure medications.

These are just some examples of the harm that can be done to the sacred physical vessel when the natural “life force” provided by SOURCE is tampered with by so-called “modern science”.

It is so sad that so many people prefer chemical medications.

After a long while of such a lifestyle, the cellular records shut down, and the entire physical system begins a downward slide.

It is as if the cells become depressed over the removal of the original SOURCE FREQUENCY from them, and thus, they gradually diminish in their regenerative work.

However, it is never too late to begin to employ the wonders of the SOURCE APOTHECARY for regeneration, revitalization, and renewal—the true “Three Rs” it requires study of spiritual and natural healing and petitioning SOURCE through prayer for knowledge and wisdom.

It takes faith that there can be a return to a belief that thriving can occur spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As an old proverb teaches: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

The “Eclipse Portal’ that is now happening (from November 19th with the “Lunar Eclipse” having already occurred) until December 4th (when the “Solar Eclipse” will arrive) is an excellent time frame in which to make a firm decision to procure the blessings of SOURCE for personal and collective welfare so that our planetary home and all of creation upon “Her” is better capable of reception of and acclimation to the powerful LIGHT that is being offered for transformation to higher realms of being.

Personal view on the health issues






I am a natural doctor. I have about 1,600 patients, many are vaccinated, just to give you a little backstory about my credibility.

“What I’ve seen so far is all information from physicians, medical physicians, natural physicians and also immunization and virology doctors, things like that and then, also nurses.

“So, what I’m about to share with you is the first vaccine, the second vaccine and then the boosters and what it does to you.

“The first vaccine, as it goes into your body, has a small amount of saline and a bunch of ingredients that are very catastrophic to your cellular system.

“What that does to your immune system, which is your deep bone marrow, your thymus gland, your spleen and all other systems associated with your immune system, it decreases your ability to produce white blood cells by 50% from your first vaxxine.

“Then, 8 weeks later, which is white blood cell reproductive system, so your ability to make another generation of white blood cells is 8 weeks, that’s why they set it up 8 weeks later, to hit it again. So, you hit the white blood cell ability while it’s down.

“So now what they do is they decrease the saline in the second one and they increase the harmful ingredients, so now you have a shift in the ingredients…

“And then, what they do is there is a second dose attacks your ability to make white blood cells by an additional 25%.

“So now, you only have the ability to make white blood cells functioning at 25%. So you just wiped out 75% of your military and the ability to make that military.

“Then what they do is they set in the booster. The booster has 81 strands of foreign bacteria that your cells have never come across. You don’t have the antibodies to fight it. You only have 25% of your white blood cell production to be able to fight it, so it’s a losing battle.

“So then what starts to happen is you start to get chronic inflammation that goes to the areas that you had predisposition. So if you are someone with gut health issues, that’s your area that this is going to focus on, and you’re going to have inflammation in the gut health.

“If you have tumors or a cancer or if you have, say endometriosis, or you have a skin condition, whatever that is, it’s going to inflame that area, because now the body has hit the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the fight or flight and your body is in a chronic inflammatory state with a low immunity and a low immune response.

“Then, you get your second booster. What the second booster has is it has 8 strands of HIV and now, what that does is it completely shuts off your ability to make white blood cells and if you Google what disease it is, it is HIV.

“So now, we have people walking around with no immune system, no ability to make an immune system, 81 strands of foreign bacteria and then, 8 strands of foreign HIV, along with all the other harmful ingredients, and then they remove all the saline from the first and second booster.

“Now, to make matters worse, during this process, 20-30% of the population is going to die, every single series of this process. There’s four series.

“They have 3 more boosters that are coming out and the reason why is because once they’ve made you so that your immune system can’t make white blood cells anymore, you become dependent on the boosters to survive, just like how someone’s life becomes dependent on insulin.

“Big Pharma is looking for people that either die off…for population control and then, those that don’t die off, they will have recurring customers for life, with the boosters so that they have to maintain income and collect the money back from all the funding that they put in to make these vaccines in the first place.

“So, I hope that was helpful, I hope that you listened to this properly and I hope that you take the time to do your own critical thinking and just give it two to three years.

“Every single animal that participated in this study for any of these vaccines had a 100% death rate, and I encourage you all to just take a moment and look around you and just wait it out.

“And let’s just see, let Nature take it course and let’s just see what happens. Thank you.”


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