Who we are ?

The World Freedom Alliance is a freedom organization consisting of members from around the world. This site is part of a global freedom movement and belongs to collective infrastructure. Members of this site do not represent specific company party, religion  or specific belief system.
Most members are business professionals, but we focus on uniting people around the planet under one principle - that is human freedom. Each human has equal right to live in freedom and express his/her opinion freely without any kind of censorship or limitation.
TWFA members come from different cultures, professions, economic and political systems. Those members however share the same root principles and stand for it.




THE WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE is an organization that will help you understand your human rights. We're here to bring you up-to-date information on global events and expose those who need to be accountable. We are here from all parts of the world to unite, protect our rights and create better conditions for our children and grandchildren. We are here to stand up to tyranny, to help bring corrupt politicians and corporations to justice. We are here to support those who need help. Moreover, we represent 99% of the oppressed, controlled humanity, manipulated by a 1% minority.